A. Eduardo Balarezo, BALAREZO LAWs founder, has been providing high-quality legal services since 1996. Mr. Balarezo’s extensive experience in the state courts of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) and Maryland, and in federal courts throughout the nation (District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas) includes dozens of trials and the representation of hundreds of clients. He represents individuals charged with the most serious criminal offenses such as RICO, federal narcotics conspiracies, international narcotics distribution, homicide and sex offenses. Mr. Balarezo also has extensive experience with international criminal extraditions.

Mr. Balarezo also represents clients charged with lesser crimes such as narcotics possession and weapons offenses. No matter the gravity of the charge, Mr. Balarezo will pursue your case vigorously and make sure your rights are protected.

Every client is an individual with unique circumstances and needs. If you have been charged with a state or federal crime, please contact BALAREZO LAW.

Exceptional service is the standard at BALAREZO LAW.